Quantum Transport in Disorder

Activité scientifique

Our team is studying the transport properties of matter waves in well controlled disordered potentials, focusing especially on the celebrated Anderson localization.

Landmarks results has been obtained in the team, such as the direct observation of 1D and 3D Anderson Localization or Coherent Backscattering (a direct signature of phase coherent effect in disorder media).

Our current goal is to investigate in detail the Anderson transition that occurs in 3D, which constitutes an utmost challenge in the field.

Puce atomique

Figure : Direct observation of Anderson Localization with ultracold atoms in disordered potentials (Vincent Josse, 2008).

Responsable de l’équipe : Vincent Josse

Membres permanents :

  1. Vincent Josse
  2. Alain Aspect

Laboratoire :

Laboratoire Charles Fabry, UMR 8501
Institut d’Optique Graduate School
2 avenue Augustin Fresnel
91127 Palaiseau