NanOOptics & Spectroscopy (NOOS)

Activité scientifique

The NOOS team focus on three main activities:

  • Nanographene light sources: We study the electronic and optical properties of nano-graphene objects (quantum dots and ribbons) with perfectly controlled structures by chemistry. We are interested in tailoring their quantum properties and integrating these objects with other 2D materials.
  • Hybrid perovskites: We investigate the optical properties of colloidal nanoparticles and defects of hybrid perovskites.
  • Optical levitation of nanoparticles: We take advantage of the excellent decoupling to the environment provided by optical levitation for fundamental studies of quantum macroscopic effects, and nanothermodynamics and for developing innovative sensors.
Nuromorphique quantique

Figure : Optical levitation of nanoparticles in vaccum. A high-power laser beam is focussed by an objective (left) and traps a silica particle (bright red spot) at its focus (Damien Raynal, 2022).

Responsable de l’équipe : Jean-Sébastien Lauret

Membres permanents :

  1. Emmanuelle Deleporte
  2. Jean-Sébastien Lauret
  3. Loïc Rondin

Laboratoire :

Laboratoire Lumière Matière et Interfaces (LuMIn), UMR9024