SONAR : SOlid state NAno-emitteRs in fibered cavities

Activité scientifique

We aim at controlling and tailoring the properties of solid-state innovative nano-emitters by coupling them to a fibered Fabry Perot cavity. To improve the light-matter interaction, we use high quality factor – and low mode volume cavities. These cavities are inserted in a very flexible platform: we are able to first characterize an emitter in free-space, and then to close and match the cavity around the very same emitter. This allows us to experimentally obtain precise information concerning the cavity quantum electrodynamics effects with these complex solid-state emitters. With carbon nanotube as emitters, we have demonstrated a tunable single photon source exploiting phonon side bands, high Purcell enhancement factor, telecom band operation and we have explored the peculiar tripartite coupling between trapped 0D exciton, 1D phonons and cavity photons. We also start to couple perovskite quantum dots which recently showed brigth single photon emission. Other innovative quantum emitters such as graphene quantum dots are planned to be investigated soon. On the cavity side we are exploring the possibility to fabricate a deep sub-wavelength high Q cavity using dielectric antenna effects in order to strongly increase the light matter interaction.

Responsable de l’équipe : Yannick CHASSAGNEUX

Membres permanents :

  1. Yannick CHASSAGNEUX
  2. Carole DIEDERICHS
  3. Christophe VOISIN

Laboratoire :

LPENS, UMR8023, 24, Rue Lhomond, 75005 Paris