Molecular Nanodevices

Activité scientifique

Our research is devoted to the study of individual molecule and molecular architectures adsorbed on epitaxial semiconductor surfaces for the development of model devices. Aiming at understanding the fundamental electronic, chemical, magnetic, optical or quantum properties of these molecular structures, we wish to exploit these molecular assemblies to create functions and study physical processes in relations with specific or new nanoscale laws.

Figure: 3D representation of a STM picture showing the electronic coupling of four silicon quantum dots (LPx) that build an ON/OFF circuit, Nature Com.  8, 2211 (2017).

Responsable de l’équipe : Damien Riedel

Membres permanents :

  1. Damien Riedel

Laboratoire :

Institut des Sciences Moléculaires d’Orsay (ISMO), UMR8214, Bâtiment 520, rue André Rivière, 91420 Orsay Cedex