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Quantum optics provides useful tools to quantum information processing. In the continuous variables approach, some exotic states with complex quantum structures exhibit really interesting quantum properties, opening new perspectives. For instance, such states allow an implementation of the quantum gates required for quantum computing by only using beam-splitters and photodetectors. The cat state, which is a superposition of two coherent states with opposite phase and was named so in reference to the famous Schrödinger gedankenexperiment, is one of these states. The main challenge is to be able to generate them efficiently. The main target of our team is to develop a basic quantum processor, with a quantum memory coupled to a quantum processing unit, in order to generate such complex states at high rates.

Responsable de l’équipe : Rosa TUALLE-BROURI

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Laboratoire Charles Fabry (LCF), CNRS UMR 8501
Institut d’Optique Graduate School
2 Av. Augustin Fresnel, 91120 Palaiseau