Matière quantique : corrélations fortes, topologie, et phénomènes hors équilibre

Activité scientifique

Our three principal threads of research deal with (i) topological quantum matter, (ii) non-equilibrium quantum matter, and (iii) quantum simulations. Some of the most exciting physics lies  at the intersections of these themes, where fractionalisation out of equilibrium gives rise to new phenomena, which can now be studied in both cold-atom and condensed-matter settings, including quantum Hall systems, quantum spin liquids, and NISQ quantum computers. We have a large number of collaborators in France and internationally including ENS, Saclay, Jussieu, Trieste, Oxford, Ljubljana, MPIPKS, TU Munich …

The systems and phenomena we study fall into the following themes:

  1. Low-dimensional quantum systems and graphene
  2. Quantum magnetism and quantum spin liquids
  3. Quantum entanglement and thermalisation/equilibration
  4. Quantum computations
  5. Atomic systems: cold atoms and Rydberg atoms
  6. Quantum lattice simulators
  7. Disordered quantum systems/many-body localisation.

Our expertise covers a broad spectrum of theoretical ideas and tools, some of which have been developed by the members of the group:

  1. Integrable systems
  2. Generalised Hydrodynamics
  3. Non-equilibrium bosonization
  4. Geometry and topology in condensed matter
  5. Matrix-product states and tensor networks
  6. Collective phenomena and cooling mechanisms
  7. Quantum Monte Carlo.

Responsable de l’équipe : David PAPOULAR

Membres permanents :

  1. A. Honecker
  2. D. Kovrizhin
  3. P. Lecheminant
  4. A. de Luca
  5. J. de Nardis
  6. D. Papoular (coordinateur)
  7. G. Trambly de Laissardière

Laboratoire :

Laboratoire de Physique Théorique et Modélisation (LPTM)
UMR 8089 du CNRS et de CY Cergy Paris Université
2, avenue Adolphe Chauvin,
95032 Pontoise