Haute mobilité pour les dispositifs quantiques (2DEG)

Activité scientifique

This research activity is centred around the epitaxial growth of GaAs-based two-dimensional electron gases (2DEGs) for the study of electronic transport properties. In these 2DEGs the electron mean free path at low temperatures can be several tenths of micrometers, and the quantum phase can be preserved for up to a quarter of a mm. They are therefore the supreme ‘work horse’ for mesoscopic physics, where we try to understand the convergence between electronic transport and quantum mechanical properties.  A large number of projects for quantum technologies rely on MBE-grown 2-dimensional electron gases (2DEGs).

Nuromorphique quantique

Figure : Bâti MBE pour les 2DEGs GaAs/AlGaAs (Yong Jin, 2022).

Responsable de l’équipe : Ulf GENNSER

Membres permanents :

  1. Ulf GENNSER
  2. Antonella CAVANNA

Laboratoire :

Centre de Nanosciences et de Nanotechnologies (C2N), UMR9001
10 boulevard Thomas Gobert, 91120, Palaiseau.