Post-doc position: spin-photon interfaces for quantum information

Juin 24, 2024

Our group on Solid-State Quantum Optics, at the Center for Nanoscience & Nanotechnology, has developed a strong expertise in harnessing light-matter interaction at the most fundamental level. We develop crucial resources for optical quantum technologies, including high-performance single-photon sources [1]. In parallel, we have developed efficient interfaces between a single material qubit (the spin of a single charge in a semiconductor quantum dot (QD)) and single photonic qubits (the polarization of a single photon) [2]. We have also developed an important expertise in the understanding of the solid-state physics governing the QD-photon interactions [3].

    Such spin-photon interfaces have long been envisioned, for example, to engineer photon-mediated operations between distant spins, as well as spin-mediated operations between single photons. Our main objective is to develop experiments using these devices as receivers of incoming photons, as required for the future implementation of deterministic spin-photon and photon-photon gates. These same devices will be used also to generate exotic (nongaussian) quantum states of light. A crucial requirement, finally, will be to improve the spin coherence, i.e. increase the memory time of the spin qubit, for successfully entangling more and more photons with the same solid-state spin.

    In the framework of the consortium OQuLus, gathering leading teams from 15 French laboratories, we are looking for excellent post-doctoral candidates, with a PhD degree in quantum technologies, quantum optics, or solid state quantum physics. The successful candidate will be part of our research effort by devising and implementing experiments on our QD-based spin-photon interfaces, and participating to the management of PhD students and interns.

    [1] Nature Photonics 10, 340 (2016); Nature Photonics 13, 803 (2019)
    [2] Nature Communications 6, 6236 (2015); Nature Photonics 17, 582 (2023); Nature Communications 15, 598 (2024)
    [3] Optica 4, 1326 (2017); Quantum Science & Technology 8, 025021 (2023); arXiv:2401.14976 (2024)

    Job offer & application : 

    Location: Center for Nanoscience & Nanotechnology – Palaiseau (south of Paris Area)
    Duration: 24 months, preferentially starting in the Autumn 2024 or January 2025
    Gross salary: between 3081.33 € and 4291,70 € per month (depending on experience)


    Loïc Lanco (,
    Olivier Krebs (
    Pascale Senellart (